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Thumb and finger sucking has major adverse impacts on the growth and development of children's teeth, mouths and speech development. This evidence-based course will give you the exact tools and skills you need to assess and treat patients in your own practice!

  • Understand the elements that contribute to digit sucking behaviour and why they continue

  • Understand etiology & the mulifactorial impact on oral and facial development

  • Assess our patients & design, build & implement individualised treatment plans

  • Confidently treat pacifier, thumb & finger sucking behaviors in your practice

The first evidence based course in the treatment of oral habits

Our research was published by the International Dental Journal, (IDJ) which is the FDI World Dental Federation's primary scientific publication. In my collaborative research with James Cook University, not only did our programs successfully stop thumb and finger sucking in 90% of patients, there was also a significant decrease in anterior open bite and overjet after 3 months of treatment.

Course Inclusions

  • Access to our online portal with videos, downloads, presentations and resources to view at your own pace, for 12 months following course completion

  • Weekly group Q & A coaching calls with Carla Lejarraga over the initial 8 weeks of training

  • Support in our exclusive Facebook group for trained Thumbsucking Professionals

  • Certificate of completion with CE points and the opportunity to apply for your Thumbsucking Professional Program Provider Badge to display at your practice or on your website

Flexible online learning with weekly coaching

Learn online in the comfort of your own home or clinic. Our 8 week initial intensive comes with live weekly coaching and 12 months access to the learning portal so you can revisit material as often as you need to.
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Take a quick peek at the course content!

This course is like no other. We break it down into bite-sized pieces for you to digest and no stone is left unturned!

  • Module 1 - Deep Dive into Non-Nutritive Sucking Behaviours. We explore the oral and physical consequences of these habits and examine the research and evidence surrounding the current trends and various solutions currently on offer.

  • Module 2 - The TSP Physiological Paradigm. Here we explore the rarely-discussed physiological issues surrounding oral habits and the unique paradigm that supports the TSP assessment, treatment and referral protocols.

  • Module 3- The TSP Psychological Paradigm. Here we explore the psychological contributors to oral habits, including developmental issues and the research and evidence supporting the TSP assessment, treatment and referral protocols.

  • Module - From Phone Call to Paperwork. Learn how to confidently implement new patient intakes with your team from front desk all the way through to clinical staff.

  • Module 5 - Assessment and Treatment Planning the TSP way. Learn how to assess and screen your patients for suitability for the TSP program and how to work in an interdisciplinary team for ultimate patient care.

  • Module 6 - Implementing the TSP Program - learn our flagship program in depth from start to finish!

  • Pacifiers and Kids under 5 - Understand the importance of early oral milestones and learn tips, tricks and screening tools to help children grow out of their problems naturally.

  • Module 8 - Case Studies and Trouble Shooting. See real life cases and cases studies and go through the dos, don'ts and how to handles with us as we look at every scenario you're likely to encounter in your case load.

Hi I'm Carla

Behaviour-shaping and positive reinforcement is recommended by the American Dental Association for the management of cessation of digit sucking in children (ADA, 2007).....

.....yet most allied health professionals have little to no training in this area. I know this, because I am a dental professional AND the mother of, not one, but two thumb sucking children. Since 2010, I've treated hundreds of children with my oral habits program at my dedicated practice, Thumbsucking Clinic in Queensland, Australia. Our programs were published in WHO’s premier dental journal, The International Dental Journal, in 2015, showing the efficacy of my program and also its success in closing open bite and over-jet. Through clinical experience, I’ve developed different techniques and assessment tools to enhance the Thumbsucking Clinic assessment protocol and program and help kids successfully change their habits..... Now its your turn. I want to teach YOU how to do exactly what I do in your practice to help your patients. I want you to become the expert. I want YOU to become a Thumbsucking Professional....

What our clinicians say

Dr Bobby Griffin


"I'm looking forward to implementing this into my practice. You've done a great job with online training resources and you've developed an excellent program for helping these families."

Mary-Frances Gonzalez

Speech Language Pathologist, USA

"Carla I really can't begin to express how grateful I am that our paths have crossed. The knowledge you have given and the ongoing support is tremendous. Thank you is just not adequate."

Dr Kar Mun Chan

Pediatric Dentist, Aus

"You have done an amazing job Carla, to put your knowledge and experience together into such a programme. Love your graphics and your videos and everything is so organised! Congratulations!

Jennie Tylee-Porter

Oral Health Therapist and Practice Owner, Australia

"Carla’s course exceeded my expectations. Carla has created training programs that arm you with the knowledge you will need to confidently start help your patients. Her online training program covers almost every situation you may face. The program is set at a pace that is quite achievable while working full time. I feel this investment into my clinical education was worth every cent as it helping to change so many families lives."

What's included in the Earlybird Pricing?

Book before July 23rd and receive the following

  • Access to online course portal with 8 evidence-based course modules in oral habit correction with training videos and downloadable PDFs  ($5000 value)
  • Printable course manual with assessment, program design, report writing templates ($2000 value)
  • Weekly Q & A posts in our Facebook online community for Thumbsucking Professional ($500 value)
  • Real life case studies ($1200 value)
  • 12 months of ongoing support in my online community with other Thumbsucking Professionals ($600 value)
  • Recognition Badge as a Thumbsucking Professional Program Provider (Priceless)


and finally, all

Earlybird registrations will receive my


  • Pacifier Habits Protocol Guidelines and Guide for parents ($600 value)
  • Under 5 years Protocol and Treatment Sequencing Guide ($900 value)
  • Front Office Scripts and Training Guide for Speech and Dental practices ($300 value)
  • Thumbsucking Professionals Clinician Starter Kit delivered to your door ($400 value)

COURSE VALUE = $12, 000


$2999 USD

IF PURCHASED BY Oct 15th 2021

Course price after Oct 15th is $3499 USD

NB.  The  Business Building Bundle will not be offered  as part of the course after the 15th of Oct and will need to be purchased separately after this date.

Pricing options

Pay upfront and save or take advantage of our payment plan option


  • How long does the course take to complete?

    The course is over 8 modules and each course intake with a dedicated online Q and A coaching call with delegates.

  • What Does the course Include?

    I don't want you to reinvent the wheel! I have fact sheets, articles, PDFs of protocols as well as all the assessment forms, resources, videos, guides and paperwork required for you to get started in your own practice. Everything I used to build my own successful practice of 10 years, Thumbsucking Clinic, is yours.

  • Do you have payment plans?

    We do! As well as an upfront payment option, we offer participants a payment option. This is 3 payments of $1100 per month over 3 months.

  • How long do I need to spend on the course each week?

    Give yourself 2-3 hours each week to watch the modules, readings and downloadable that are supplied.

  • What happens after the 8 weeks are over?

    Quite a few things! Firstly, you can see patients! As well as all this, you'll have access to the learning portal to go over your course material for 12 months. So if you're not quite caught up after the first 8 weeks, or want to go back and review material, there's no stress. You will also receive your certificate with your CE points displayed. You can also apply for your Thumbsucking Professionals Recommended Provider recognition badge You'll continue to receive ongoing clinical support in our private Facebook group for Thumbsucking Professionals and have the option of further learning if you wish with future courses with us. After 12 months, you'll have the option of continuing access the course portal and it's regularly updated material via a small yearly subscription.

  • I'm not sure this course is right for me. Can I speak with someone?

    Yes! If you're not sure if this course is for you, I'm happy to chat with you in person. Its important to me that this is a right fit for you and what you're doing so let's chat! Shoot me an email at and we'll arrange a time to chat!

Steps for acceptance into the course

We want to make sure this course is right for you. Simply purchasing the course does not guarantee immediate acceptance into the August 2021 cohort. Here are the steps to follow to apply for this course.

  • Purchase the course with payment option of your choice

  • We will email you with a Clinicians Application Form and Clinicians Course Contract for you to sign and return via e-Signature

  • We will let you know within 2-3 working days of your success or our inability to accept your application.

  • If you are unsuccessful, a full refund will be issued immediately.